minimal warm ♡♡

이 기간에 세상이 비밀에 부쳐지면 그리고 이상한 불가사의한 적 우리 거리를 널브러뜨리고 있다 우리에게 촉각을 곤두세우다 나는 내 자신을 두 팔로 감싸고 있다 따뜻해지기를 바라며 하지만 따뜻한 몸이 무슨 소용이 있겠는가 냉정한 마음으로 하다 그리고 늙은 영혼... [trans] in this period of time when the world is behind closed doors and a strange, mysterious enemy… Continue reading minimal warm ♡♡

Forever Rain

The sky's a pale white and the clouds a dark grey they're looming over my patch of the sky right above where I'm stood shrouding me in their dark shadows drowning me in their constant pour The air underneath is cold, wispy I shiver and my teeth clatter but i move on one step forward,… Continue reading Forever Rain

A Eulogy and a Prologue

“ I need an easy friend.” - Nirvana

lilac and black

lilac and black
Two contrasting colours, two harmonising souls.

A Late Night in Seoul

Neon Lights in Seoul Jang Min-Seo looked out of the misty window of the bus she was seated in, and gazed at the sight of street lamps whizzing by, a blur of red and white combined with the orange of the traffic on the street. She opened the window for a better look and was… Continue reading A Late Night in Seoul